Prince Harry has only dig himself ‘even deeper’ into a bespoke hole


Prince Harry warned he’s only only dug himself deeper into his bespoke hole and nothing more

Prince Harry has just been warned about the consequences of his actions, now that he’s dug himself ‘even deeper’ into a bespoke hole

Everything has been shared by Daniela Elser in response to Prince Harry’s Good Morning America interview where he touched on King Charles’ cancer.

She broke everything down in a candid piece for

In it she referenced the shocking change in Prince Harry and said, “Back in 2021 Harry basically declared war on his family via TV and now he seems to be trying to make up with them … via TV.”

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At this point “Turning water into wine would be a lesser miracle by contrast,” she added while doubling down on her thoughts.

All in all, “The pesky thing about the interviews Harry has given is they have tended to only dig him even deeper into his bespoke hole,” and nothing else. 

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