Kathryn Newton shares valuable advice she received from TWO industry mentors


Kathryn Newton opens up about best advice from industry mentors

Kathryn Newton has recently shared valuable advice she received from Ant-Man star Paul Rudd and Reese Witherspoon during her career.

Speaking to PEOPLE, Newton revealed, “Paul Rudd told me not to hold back when I started Ant-Man,” when she joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2023’s Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

“I think that’s just good advice for anybody with whatever you do in life, whatever your job might be,” remarked the 26-year-old.

Newton suggested, “Put your best foot forward every day and don’t hold back.”

Kathryn Newton shares valuable advice she received from TWO industry mentors

Witherspoon, who played her mother on the two seasons of HBO’s Big Little Lies, also gave her incredible guidance.

“You just have to watch her and you’re reacting,” disclosed Newton.

She stated, “I think the dynamic with Reese and Jean-Marc Vallée really helped me be grounded.”

Newton also mentioned movie-maker Vallée, who died in 2021, but was a good mentor to her.

Kathryn Newton shares valuable advice she received from TWO industry mentors

The movie-maker taught Newton “what it meant to be a real actor”.

“I never knew where the camera was. Jean-Marc shoots 360 [degrees], so I was always just in it with Reese, and you never felt like you were on camera,” said the actress.

Newton added, “It’s different when you’re aware of the camera, it definitely becomes a character in the scene. But in that space, it was more just really forgetting that you were shooting a show at all.”

While talking about the possibility of Big Little Lies season 3, Newton commented, “People keep bringing it up to me. That’s all I know!”

Meanwhile, on the work front, Newton can be seen in Lisa Frankstein which will release in theatres tomorrow (February 9).

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