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In a heartfelt Instagram post, renowned Pakistani actor Adnan Siddiqui took a stroll down memory lane, revisiting a poignant scene from his 2017 hit drama serial, Sammi. Sharing a clip of the moment, Siddiqui provided a glimpse into his rough and gritty character Rashid and the tender bond he shares with his daughters.

In the brief clip, Rashid can be seen sitting patiently and lovingly conversing with his daughter while she puts makeup on him. Despite the adorably funny makeover he gets, Siddiqui’s character beams with pride and love, indulging her.

Captioning the post, Siddiqui reflected on the duality of Rashid’s character, stating, “Those who have watched drama serial Sammi, they will remember Rashid as the trigger-happy, dreadful hitman who lived in a world of darkness, danger, and mindless violence. (The role got me Critique’s Choice Award at the 6th HUM Awards). But the moment he enters his home, everything changes.”

He furthered on, “His young daughters hold a kind of magical power on him that he willingly sheds his hardened exterior. Their laughter, their innocence, disarms him completely. The one who’s used to wielding guns and instilling fear finds himself at the mercy of his daughters. He is totally defenceless with them around.”

The actor underscored the complexity of Rashid’s character, adding, “In their eyes, he is not Rashid, the feared hitman. He is simply abba, vulnerable and real. And in this vulnerability, he discovers a strength he never knew existed. Because with his daughters, he is a father, a protector, a man who would move mountains for their happiness and safety.” 

Referring to the scene’s climax when a town leader finds him playing with his daughter, Siddiqui expressed appreciation for the strong message it imparts. “It’s a powerful moment when Rashid, the father, looks Chaudhary in the eye and urges him to be mindful of the way he speaks about his girls; the landlord’s loyal employee had never dared such a thing till now,” the Jamun Ka Darakht actor contended.

He drew parallels between Rashid’s experience and his own as a father to two daughters. Siddiqui shared, “As they laugh and play, their innocence fills his heart with a warmth he thought he had long forgotten. Being a father to two lovely daughters myself, I connected with Rashid’s raw emotions deeply, the experience of softening one’s tough facade and allowing the love of one’s daughters to wash over them.”

Describing it as one of his favorite scenes from the drama, the actor invited followers to share their own experiences and reflections on the father-daughter relationship, sparking a meaningful conversation about the profound and transformative power of parental love.

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